raw oyster on the half shell
    with mignonette 2.5
pistachios in the shell, sumac 4
marinated olives 3
pickled vegetables 3
panissa 6
fried cauliflower with yogurt sauce 8


grilled halloumi cheese, honey 10
bruschetta of za’atar egg salad 6
flatbread with a trio of dips: 8
    sweet and sour eggplant
    beet and tahini

cheese board with seasonal accompaniments 16
    3 goudas: chevretta, goat’s milk,
   north holland, aged one year
    jerseyhoeve plataneer, cow’s milk,
   netherlands, aged 16 weeks
    weydeland vsoc, cow’s milk,
   north holland, aged three years


celery root and walnut soup 8
butter lettuceª 8
caesarª 9
frisée, crisped poached eggª, za’atar lardon,
    walnut, pomegranate seed 11


baked penne with gruyère, roasted hatch chile 10
riccia, cauliflower, chicory, pinenut,
    salsa verde, parmesan 12
toasted bucatini, tomato,
    calabrian chile, mint, pistachio 12


mozzarella, tomato, basil 12
    add anchovy 2
sujuk sausage, tomato, onion, black olive, eggª 14
kale, pancetta, garlic, parmesan 14


steamed mussels with harissa and herbs 12
grilled steelhead trout, tabbouleh, tahini,
    pomegranate seeds 18
roasted half game hen with frikeh,
    almonds, and parsley 16
hamburger 9 with cheddar, blue, or swiss 2
    add bacon 2 hatch chili 1
grilled wagyu skirt steak, kohlrabi purée, roasted
    pepper, za’atar 19
lamb meatballs with braised cabbage,
    cilantro, and serrano chili 12
halibut tail, pepper, black olive, and
    lemon relish serves two 35


melon, grape, aleppo, lime,
    pistachio, pomegranate 5
celery, apple, yogurt, raisin, peppers 8
seared beet, tahini 7
chanterelle, chicory, pistachio,
    crème fraîche, baharat 8
sweet pepper stuffed with ground lamb,
    basmati rice, yogurt 10
grilled radicchio, green charmoula, pinenut 7
french fries 4


seasonal sorbet and cookies 8
gelato affogato: vanilla ice cream drowned
    in espresso with whipped cream and cookies 8
butterscotch pot de crème with fleur de sel 9
almond frangipane with pear and
    labneh ice cream 9
chocolate mousse with feuilletine 9


 chef’s selection of dishes
 available for the table 30 per person

20% gratuity added for parties of six or more
ªdressings and aiolis may contain raw egg
  • hamburgers, steak and fish are cooked to order. oysters on the half shell are raw.
the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat or seafood
may increase your risk of a food borne illness

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